John Anthony West

John Anthony West

You were the true pioneer. Blazing the trail through new territory. Fearless and tenacious in pushing through the pretentiousness and personal attacks – often aiming your rapier wit with uncanny accuracy.

Many years ago, knowing that I was struggling with an unethical person who had ambushed my writing life, you took me aside at a conference and with kindness counselled me on the true meaning of karma. Your words were deeply comforting and never forgotten. We’ve remained grateful for your generosity in writing the Afterword to our first book and for all the other ways that you helped in those early days. But that thoughtful advice as the sun set at the end of a splendid day was invaluable.

As a student of Schwaller de Lubicz we’d like to think that you would have found the coincidence that February 6/18 (2.618 or ф2) is the Golden Section squared – worth a smile.

We wish your family and close friends the strength to eventually overcome their grief and to begin the celebration that your life deserves.

Having no wonderfully evocative and appropriate image such as Robert Schoch has shared with us we’ll offer instead this very amateur but heartfelt photographic tribute.

Thank you, John.