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History can reveal in unforgiving detail the glories and the warts of its actors. It can also conceal – through assassination, looted archives, letters set aflame – the truth. The lens through which we view the past is never frozen in position. Original research can melt false assumptions, releasing new streams of investigation.

Fresh insights can remove our blinkers about the past and widen the perspective with which we approach the future. FROM ATLANTIS TO THE PROMISED LAND: PAPERS FROM THE FLEM-ATH FILES: 1976-2016 offers the results of forty years of diving into the deepest lakes of humanity’s forgotten legacy to forge a new picture of ancient history that we believe resolves many tantalizing mysteries.

Inevitably, more puzzles emerge from the process. Curiosity starts rolling again. An endless truth-tease that rocks and rolls between frustration and the thrill of new discovery. This is how we feel about “The Speed of Light Code” and “Ancient Highways”; articles unique to this publication.


Expect the Unexpected